What is artificial stone?

Artificial stone is called a building material that replaces natural stone surfaces usually external and internal walls. The artificial stones are produced lightweight aggregates so that they have little weight compared to natural stones. The lower weight, lower cost and our variety of products are important advantages that have made popular the use of these materials.

Artificial stones are about 2-4 cm thick and are manufactured in a variety of designs. The general characteristics are usually copied from nature and produced natural stones. The designs can be squared stones or irregular shaped or rounded, even imitation bricks. Each design can be produced in one or more colors. Our company ensures that the back side of the stone to be highly anomalous to achieve better adhesion with adhesives.

Artificial stones are placed on vertical surfaces (walls) using special glues. Artificial stones are light weight due to the fact that it is made of lightweight materials and in having small thickness. So because of their light weight and use strong glue, very good adhesion to the walls is achieved.

Artificial stones started being manufactured in the early 1960s in the USA. The first products seemed artificially, but the development of the technology of the manufacturers has created stones which are very difficult to distinguish from the natural.

The advantages of artificial stone towards physics and the reasons for their preference.

The advantages of the artificial stone that make capital option instead of physics are numerous. It is worth to mention the most important:
  • WEIGHT: Our company produces artificial rocks weighing up to eight (8) times smaller per m2, compared with the corresponding natural stone designs.

  • TRANSPORTATION: less weight means easier and more economical transport from the production site (factory) on site.

  • PACKAGE: A variety of rock that is produced is packaged in ecologically recycled cartons, which includes all the information that is useful for the craftsman. Such are the installation instructions, quantity, weight, lot number and specifications)

  • VARIETY: The constant renewal of products produced by our company, gives you the option to select and combine multiple types of projects, so that the final outcome of your project is unique.

  • VARIETY OF COLORS: Our numerous designs are produced in many colors, giving you many options to achieve the correct aesthetic depending on the architectural style of your project.

  • QUICK INSTALLATION: A Key to the optimization of the project schedule and financial budget is the process of placing the stone. The above are fulfilled in an optimal way, since the installation is easy and very fast, given that makes them popular for natural stones.

  • ECONOMY: the combination of those mentioned, embedded in a highly affordable package, which gives you the HELLAS STONES.

  • A thorough scientific research we made helped us manage to automate this so the production process effectively shrinking the final cost without any modification in the quality of output. Ultimately, the profit is transferred to the customer himself, considering it a fairer choice between our company and the ultimate consignee.

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